Terminal Studios, Central London's most famous music facility

The Terminal Shop

Touring is a highly specialised activity and requires a myriad of weird and wonderful bits and pieces.

We pride ourselves in having one of the best-stocked shops of its type in the country carrying most accessories for touring & recording.

We also carry recording & storage media, guitar accessories, keyboard stands and pedals, rack parts, cabling accessories. Terminal is also an authorised dealer for most musical instruments, amplifiers and hi tech equipment.

Contact info@terminal.co.uk

For the anoraks amongst you!

Our shop carries over 2000 different items, for instance in tapes alone we stock: Self adhesive Velcro in 3 widths, double sided Velcro, Velcro cable ties in 3 sizes, fluorescent fabric tape in 4 colours and 2 widths, 10 colours of PVC tape, bleached cotton camera tape, 3 colours of gaffer tape in 2" & 4" widths, double sided tape in 2 widths, waterproof 2" tape, self amalgamating tape, labeling tape in 4 widths and even Sellotape!