Over the 30 years that Terminal Studios has been in London, more than 10,000 acts have passed through our doors, occasionally stopping off at the café to hang out with like-minded people who share a passion for music.

More than 10,000 acts through our doors

Terminal Studios is proud to offer a relaxed, comfortable and totally unpretentious environment where artists can work on their next album or forthcoming tour, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be bothered by anyone – unless they want to be.

30 year track record

With a track record of 30 years standing, Terminal Studios is undoubtedly one of the UK music industry’s success stories. As a business, it has survived the vagaries of the industry by being adaptable while, as a rehearsal complex, it has succeeded because it always insists on defining its own style.

Terminal Studios in London

Terminal’s unique ability to deliver great facilities in a friendly, cost effective way continues to make it a popular choice – not just with established bands and their managers, but with new bands who often use the complex for showcasing to record companies.

Rehearsal Studio

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