Terms & Conditions


We require a minimum of seven days’ notice for a lockout booking, two weeks’ notice for anything longer that a lockout (two consecutive days +) and a minimum of two days’ notice for any other cancellation. This is counted from the start time on the date of your rehearsal. If you cancel your booking after the fourteen/seven/two day period we will charge the full cost of the rehearsal room booked. Terminal Studios will give the same notice should the studio need to cancel a booking for whatever reason however, if the Studio is forced to cancel a booking after this notice period for a reason beyond its control, the Studio will be under no liability. Should the studio requested not be available for any reason, we will endeavour to provide you with the closest possible alternative.


Bookings are not confirmed until payment has been received in full. If a booking has not been paid for it could be subject to cancellation up until the point that payment is received. Any person who makes a booking at the studio will be held liable for payment of the invoice even if they nominate a third party to be invoiced.

Client Responsibilities

Clients must vacate the studio(s) hired and the premises and return any equipment hired/borrowed by the end of the booking. If the customer does not vacate the studio on time and return all equipment at the end of the time booked and/or studio closing time the Studio will charge a further fee with regards to this which, if overtime is involved, will be double the pro rata rate of the booking. Please note, we close at 10pm and by this time the room should be completely cleared and vacated. Clients must make sure that the Studio and equipment is fit for their purpose. The Studio is only responsible for making sure that any equipment it has said it will provide is in working condition (see Breakdown). Clients will be liable for any equipment that is damaged or missing at the end of the hire. At no time will Terminal Studios be held responsible for the loss or damage of any of the client’s equipment or possessions, during or after the hire period. Only musicians that are rehearsing and their crew/associated staff are permitted to enter the Studio and Terminal Studios reserves the right to refuse entry or eject anybody whose presence is not necessary or who is not abiding by the Studio’s regulations.


No filming shall be permitted at the Studios without prior written permission having been granted and a location fee paid.


In the event of an equipment failure where this is through no fault of the client, the Studio will aim to provide a like-for-like replacement or as close as is possible. If this is not possible a proportionate refund will be provided.

Rehearsal Studio

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